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New member "Jie Ran" baby born
August 2019 is a special month, although it is in the heat of Shenzhen at this time, most of the day...
[ 2019/8/8 ]More>>
The central bank has repeatedly voiced its voice to stabilize the exchange rate: the market is neither allowed nor allowed to do so.
Within the past week, the central bank has again voiced its voice on the issue of the RMB exchang...
[ 2019/5/27 ]More>>
Here comes the $200 billion tariff increase. You should take a look at these ideas.
On May 10, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce made a speech on the formal implementation of th...
[ 2019/5/10 ]More>>
"Next Monday, we will sign a memorandum of understanding along the way with the Chinese side. The ma...
[ 2019/4/26 ]More>>
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